Cinderella’s Blue Ballgown Cocktail

For all those grown up Princes and Princesses!

For today’s Cinderella-themed snack, I thought I’d try out a cocktail- if we’re going to be in quarantine, we might as well do it in style! All I knew was that I wanted it to be blue, partly to match Cinderella’s dress, and partly because it’s just exciting drinking something that looks like washing up liquid. I also wanted something fairly easy and straightforward- you don’t want to buy loads of stuff for a cocktail you may not like and will never use. I found a recipe for a Blue Lagoon cocktail (in hindsight, I should have saved it for The Little Mermaid, but anyway) on the Kitchen Magpie blog, which looked great!

The recipe is super simple, and I had most of the ingredients already! A shot of vodka, a shot of blue curacao, ice, and lemonade. I did have to buy the blue curacao, but it was reasonably cheap on Amazon for only £10! Because I was making it for 2 people, I bought a single can of lemonade (330 ml) and split it between the two, which ended up a little more than the recipe asks for (4 oz which is roughly 113 ml) but we personally prefer sweet cocktails.

Cocktail ingredients

All I had to do to make up the drink was add the ice to the glasses, and then the shots, topped up with lemonade. For a little bit of Disney flair I also found a couple of glow cubes (plastic light up ice cubes you can get with souvenir cocktails/mocktails at Disney parks) and set them on the blue/green setting. I quite enjoyed the drink and would definitely make it again, however it does kind of just taste like a fancy vodka & lemonade!

I also happened to have made a cake that afternoon, so if you’re the type of person who likes to match cocktails and cake (let’s be honest, the best type of person), I went for a sponge cake, filled with lemon curd, topped with a lemon icing and some freeze-dried raspberries. It kind of reminds me of Belle’s dress, which suits the theme nicely!

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