Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich

As a finale for Cinderella month, I thought I’d make a snack post that crosses over with next month’s theme! While Gus Gus would love this grilled three-cheese sandwich, it’s actually a recipe from Woody’s Lunchbox in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Disney shared the recipe with us on their Disney Parks blog last month, and I was so excited to try something new from Woody’s Lunchbox, a surprising favourite from my last trip to Hollywood Studios!

So as there are only two of us in our little quarantine bunker, I halved the recipe which serves 4. Now, I have to say, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of cheese that is actually in these sandwiches and could easily have shared one sandwich between us both. So if you’re not looking to go into a cheese coma or not very hungry, I’d suggest sharing!

There are 3 elements to the sandwiches, a cream cheese spread, a garlic spread, and the sandwich itself. I started with the cream cheese spread, by placing cream cheese (funnily enough), grated cheese, salt and some cream (cream! in a sandwich! America, you amaze me!) in the food processor. Now as I had halved the recipe, I ran into a bit of trouble with there not quite being enough in there to reach the blades. I attempted the blender as well, to see if that made it any easier, but to be honest, since everything’s going to melt anyway, I don’t see what the harm would be just mixing it together!

The garlic spread was a lot less troublesome, mixing some mayonnaise, garlic and salt together. We probably ended up using maybe half of what we had (which was already halved to begin with) so if you’re not a fan of mayo, maybe consider making a smaller portion again.

Then it was just a matter of laying out bread, placing a slice of cheddar (for anyone in the UK, I went for Cathedral City, my favourite cheese!) on one slice of bread per sandwich. Now for the other side, the recipe asks for provolone cheese which we don’t have in the UK, but after some careful Googling, I found that Edam is considered fairly similar, so I tried a slice of that on the other side of the sandwich. Then I popped a bit of the cream cheese mix over the slice of Edam and stuck the sandwich together. Now for the tricky part! I heated our griddle pan and spread some of the garlic mayo mix over both sides of the sandwich, then put it on the pan and cooked for a few mins, flipped and cooked.

I have to say they turned out pretty well! Nothing got burnt and everything melted that was supposed to melt! I have to say I probably wouldn’t make this recipe again, it was a LOT of cheese, like a LOT. I have a stomach ache as I write this! I’m also not sure that the cream cheese element was worth the bother as it really just tastes like a bunch of melted cheese all together. Having said that, the garlic mayo is an absolute revelation! I would definitely use that trick on a regular grilled cheese sandwich, with a regular amount of cheese. I’m not really a fan of mayo generally, but you can’t really taste it so much as the garlic, and it tastes/smells like garlic bread! So I hope this gets you excited for our next movie theme- Toy Story! I can’t wait to share all of Buzz and Woody’s adventures with you, don’t forget, you’ve got a friend in me!

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