Cinderella: A DisneyBound

One of my favourite parts of the Disney online community is the phenomenon of DisneyBounding. For those who don’t know, adults and teenagers going into the Disney theme parks aren’t allowed to fully dress up as a character (to avoid confusing little kids). As a way to show their love for their favourite character, DisneyBounding was invented! You take the colours associated with that character and create an outfit based on them, usually with subtle hints to their story. One of my favourite characters to see in a DisneyBound is Snow White- the red/blue/yellow are very distinct colours and it’s amazing what creative outfits fans come up with!

One of the things that I love about DisneyBounding, is the creative freedom you have with it. You’re not trying to directly copy the character’s outfit, so there’s so much more room to play with different styles and outfits. You can be really subtle about DisneyBounding, or use cute themed accessories to make it more obvious. Because it’s your interpretation of a character, there’s no right or wrong way to do it! One of my favourite DisneyBounders is @modern_minimal_minnie, who has the most amazing range of characters and creative outfits!

For this month I decided to attempt my first CinderellaBound! I wasn’t really sure where to start but I knew it had to be blue! I wanted to give her a more modern look, to encourage her to be bolder and take matters into her own hands!

I started with the pants, which I bought from Zara a few years ago. Not only are they a lovely blue colour, the wide legs give them a similar shape to Cinderella’s gown. The style also suits my gorgeous glittery silver shoes from Bared Footwear. For anyone in Australia who wears orthotics, this is a really great brand of shoes that actually fit them, and don’t look like little old lady shoes! They’re fantastic shoes for the parks, because they have the support/orthotic-fitting ability that I need, but still look cute with dresses and skirts!

I went for a plain white t-shirt to complement the blue, and try and minimise the pants’ bulkiness. To accessorize the outfit, I used a black velvet necklace, that is actually a part of my Ursula costume (the gold seashell was around the back of my neck!) a scarf that belonged to my grandmother, and a pair of adorable tiny bluebird earrings my mum gave me a few years ago.

The other reason I had to be careful about angles in my pictures, was my hair! Now that we’ve been in lockdown for some time, my hair is starting to get a bit Rapunzel-y, so i actually had to pin it all back! I went for a red lipstick to contrast the blue, I also wanted the outfit to be reminiscent of the We Can Do It poster.

I think the end result was pretty cool! Let me know your thoughts below or follow me on Instagram at @popcornandprincesses.

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